Thoughts on iPhone 8 Mockups

We are only three months away from Apple’s annual September iPhone event, and there has been no shortage of rumors on what we’ll see. Wireless charging, vertical dual cameras and an edge to edge display are all but a given at this point, but the latest round of case leaks and device mockups from last week came with a pleasant surprise. It seems the iPhone 8 will in fact have Touch ID implemented into the display.

I never felt comfortable with the idea of Apple moving the fingerprint sensor to the back of the phone, so this is good news. Of course the questions now is how well will it work? To my knowledge, no other company has been able to pull this off, so Apple will be in a class of its own here. That said, like with anything the company does, expectations are high and if the new technology is less reliable that what we have now, be assured Apple will hear about it.

The vertical dual camera setup is something I find really interesting. The current iPhone 7 Plus is the only dual camera phone Apple has ever shipped and it seems uncharacteristic to change the design so quickly. It has me wondering why.

The best I can come up with is augmented reality improvements. To quite a bit of fanfare, Apple launched ARkit at WWDC a few weeks ago claiming overnight it’s become the largest AR platform in the world. I guess it’s hard to argue with that considering how many iOS devices are out in the wild.

While single camera devices seem to support some degree of AR, the dual camera setup certainly allows for more functionality. However, at launch Apple is only supporting AR on horizontal surfaces. This got me thinking. When using AR on an iPhone, users will most likely be using the phone sideways turning the new vertical dual lens setup horizontal. Since Apple’s currently just supporting AR on horizontal surfaces, I assume the creates a better experience having the cameras on the same plane.

To be fair, I know little to nothing about how AR works but there has to be something behind the decision to move to a vertical dual lens setup.